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Two life-changing corrections

 The first correction: recognising who you really are

We do not know who created our world. But we do know that this world had a dual character from the very beginning. When a thing is created out of nothing, there is inevitably a space in which it does not exist. And when light shines on it, it inevitably casts a shadow. It is the same with all manifestations in our world. Day and night, hot and cold, light and dark, good and evil.

The devil stands for evil, God stands for good. That's what we have learnt.

Let's use our common sense and ask ourselves:

How can it be that the creator of our world has ceased to be the almighty creator and has instead stepped in himself to wage an eternal battle against evil?

But is this really the case, or is there something completely different behind what we call God?

Have you noticed that all the characteristics we attribute to God are identical to our own? Isn't that God actually a projection of us humans?

As awakened people, we must recognise that the actual Creator and our God are two different phenomena.

God is used by us humans like a Swiss army knife to wage holy wars, threaten others with his wrath, kill people of other faiths or reward compliant people with the prospect of a place in paradise.

Why do so many people still believe in this God?

The answer is: because they have learnt it that way. They have been taught this for generations and even the teachers and professors who spread the same nonsense today are firmly convinced because they have learnt it too.

And here comes the moment when we, as awakened people, are called upon to free ourselves from this collective rubbish.

Let's simply stop thinking of the term creator as a person. We will understand this creation with all its manifestations much more quickly if we realise that the starting point of creation is a source that we call love.

Let us imagine that it is love that is present in everything and everyone. Then the sentence "I am that", which is best translated as "I am all that is", becomes more understandable.

So let's assume that every single person is pure love in their essence.

It is difficult to believe this, but with the second correction we make a further rethink and it should be easier to recognise who we really are.

The second correction: removing the ego from the throne

A fictitious conversation between friends:

"What do you mean, get the ego off the throne? It certainly doesn't sit on my throne, because I always decide everything myself."

Simon looked at me expectantly.

"Oh yeah, you only think that because your ego has already completely taken over." I grinned at him and knew that I was provoking him. And so his reply came promptly:

"You're crazy! What do you know about me? Stop trying to treat me!"

"Is that anger you're feeling?" I asked him.

"You're still asking? You manage to get me angry every time. You're an arrogant bitch!"

"I'm sorry, Simon. I don't want to hurt you. I'm just trying to show you who was talking."

"Why? Surely it was obvious, or is there anyone else in the room?"

"No, just the two of us. But your words were your ego's choice because it sits on your throne."

Simon's face turned a slight reddish colour and he seemed to be searching for words.

He stood up and went into the kitchen. "Do you want a coffee too?" he called out.

"Yes, with pleasure. With milk, no sugar."

The coffee machine was working noisily and I could see that Simon was handling the cups thoughtfully. When he came back, he handed me the cup and said:

"I just had to use a lot of self-control not to get in your face."

"And why didn't you do it? Were you scared?"

"Yes. I was afraid it would escalate."

"Are you still angry with me?"

"Yes, actually I am."

"Shall we do a little thought experiment, Simon?"


"Imagine we're starting all over again. With one difference: you don't answer immediately and just observe what happens inside you, okay?"


"Okay! So I'm telling you that your ego has taken you over completely."


"Let's hear what just went down inside you when you're ready!"

After a while, Simon replied:

"Now that was exciting. At first there was anger and rejection. But both slowly faded and I wondered where they had gone. Then I realised that I wasn't angry with you anymore, but wanted to know why you could say that."

I grinned at him and replied:

"I was deliberately trying to provoke you with my sentence and I succeeded the first time. Your ego went straight for me. I followed up and asked if it was anger you were feeling and you felt even more provoked and justified at the same time."

"That's right!"

"You have to realise that only your ego can react like that. All emotions, justifications, fears and much more are signs that your ego is on the throne. In your second attempt, you slowed it down and felt it. That's the key, Simon, to getting your ego off the throne."

Simon thought about it. "If what you say is true." He didn't finish the sentence, but continued to ponder.

After a few minutes, he looked at me questioningly. I was curious to see what he would say now.

"And why isn't it good when the ego sits on the throne? After all, I've done well with it so far, haven't I?"

"Really?" I asked. "Your son hasn't spoken to you for years. You've quit your job twice because the bosses were too stupid for you and, if I'm not mistaken, there are two lawsuits in court at the moment. You call that good?"

"What was I supposed to do about it? My son is a self-righteous know-it-all and doesn't want to see me anymore because he's ashamed of me, the weirdo. And my bosses were real bottles that I could have taught a thing or two. Well, and the two lawsuits are totally okay. I'll win them because I'm in the right. My lawyer has also confirmed that."

"Those were just three examples from your life, Simon. You know very well that they're just the tip of the iceberg. And it's always the others who aren't good enough or have behaved wrongly. Surely you notice that too, don't you? These are also clear signs that your ego is the boss. For an ego, it's always the others' fault."

"You're not seriously saying that all this would have been different if my ego hadn't been the boss?"

"Of course!"

"Like what? I can't imagine."

"Let's take your son. Without a dominant ego, you could have listened better and been more compassionate instead of telling him what you thought was best for him. You wouldn't have reproached him. Blame is one of the most common weapons of an ego. Your two jobs would have gone differently because you might have realised that you got the jobs precisely to support your bosses with your expertise. Instead, your ego disqualified them so you could feel better and more competent. And as for the two lawsuits, you wouldn't have chosen a court battle, but a compromise."

"I see." Simon thought about it and there was silence for a long time. I drank my coffee and imagined that Simon had made an important realisation at that moment.


Once we are established in the knowledge that we are not separate from the Creator, i.e. from the Source, from Love, but are an aspect of Love made flesh, we inevitably realise that this also applies to every other human being.

Why is it so little obvious?

Because humans are endowed with a free will that works in the wrong direction when they believe they are separated from the Creator and have to fend for themselves in order to survive in this world.

If you look closely, you will recognise that free will is actually reduced to a single decision: Do I want to live in harmony with the Creator or do I want to feel like a separate individual being in this world?

What does it mean to live in harmony with the Creator?

Quite simply! It means that I entrust myself unreservedly to life, because I know that the same intelligence that carries out my bodily functions and regulates the processes in the universe also optimises my life, as long as my ego does not interfere.

Of course, there is much more to write on these topics and there may be questions that you would like to have answered.

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