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My name is Richard Neubersch

I am here to show people the path to true joy in life. Like a navigation system in a car. But everyone has to drive themselves.

I offer everyone three free and completely non-binding orientation sessions. In it I explain what to pay attention to on this trip.

Of course we can talk on the phone more often, but then I expect to get paid for it. 

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Steps into the joy of life

Maybe you think that life's events have led you down a dead end? Is it really like that?

What would you do to know the truth?

What would it be worth to you if I showed you how you can easily cast off all chains and live a joyful life?


Do you want to find out?

Then let’s talk on the phone!.

They talk?

At any time!

Possible after-effects:

  • Clear orientation in all areas of life

  • Serene serenity, withoutTo lose her compassionren

  • Freedom from fear despite all media reports or personal problems

  • Harmonious relationships with those around you

  • Freedom from everything that seems to bind you

Ready to go

  • Become the author of your own life!

  • Discover and use the unshakability of your inherent power!

  • Free yourself from all conceivable stresses in a playful way.

  • Go through life without fear and with confidence

  • Every person has individual talents. Do you know yours?

About me

Richard Neubersch, born in Moers/Germany in 1951, lived in Portugal for 23 years, where he worked as the owner of a real estate company for over 18 years. In 2009 he moved to Switzerland with his wife and developed products there to neutralize the effects of electrosmog under the name Swiss Harmony. Today, 14 years later, Swiss Harmony International GmbH is a globally valued family business led by his son, Neel.
In 2020 Richard Neubersch published his book"Radio Silence - A Self-Help Book for Surviving the Radiation Jungle". Here he describes, among other things, the magical events that led to the creation of Swiss Harmony.
The author has had countless personal experiences with Indian and Western spiritual masters and shamans that have given lasting inspiration to his life.
He is the father of four successful sons and has nine grandchildren. His only daughter died suddenly and unexpectedly as the mother of two children in the spring of 2022.

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Was ich sonst noch anbiete:

Mein Buch

Lesen Sie unter anderem die spannende Entstehungsgeschichte von Swiss Harmony. 

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Ein angstfreies und freudvolles Leben ist ein Geburtsrecht. Doch man muss es aktiv in Anspruch nehmen.


Im Schweizer Fernsehen

Es gibt zahlreiche Interviews von mir im Schweizer Gesundheitsfernsehen (QS24)

Harmonie-Spender von Swiss Harmony

Mobile Produkte von Swiss Harmony

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Baselstrasse 10

4203 Grellingen


+41 76 366 33 11

Thank you for your message. I will reply as soon as possible.

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