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Paul Selig: What it's all about

Right at the beginning of their dictation, the guides explain that reality is a symphony of different frequencies. Symphony is the term I chose because I find it so apt. The guides called it that:

"Everything vibrates in a frequency. This much you both understand, and your readers will understand as well. Frequency is frequency. It’s the molecular breakdown of the issue, as it were."

And further:

"When you vibrate at a frequency, that is the frequency that you are aligned to, and when you are aligned to a frequency, that is what you call to you. That is your experience of yourself and you’re experienced by others in this way as well."

You already know that the book is about raising your vibration. Specifically, it's about vibrating at the Christ frequency, as the guides call it.

Here they explain how we are to understand this:

"Now the Christ frequency, as it is understood now, is a high one and it has been misappropriated, entitled, by most people, who have assumed it to be a Christian basis in religion, and a religion, unfortunately, that has received alignment to the wrong-mindedness of men throughout time. And once you bypass the religion and you understand that the Christ is a consciousness, is a frequency, is an offering to man from the Creator to align to, then you begin to have a very different experience of understanding who you are."

A little further on in the text they become even clearer:

"When we talk about Christ, we will be clear now, we talk about Christ as a creation of the God Self inhabiting man in its fullness."

With regard to the historical Jesus, they say:

"Jesus is a personage of the Christ, a manifestation of the Christ in fullness, and there are others as well who have ascended to this level of understanding and frequency."

In my case, the words of the guides appealed to my own gut feeling. There was resonance and I read on, fascinated. Today I can confirm with great joy that this resonance has become a constant companion in my life.

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