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Paul Selig: How it started

There are many people who act as mediums and receive a wide variety of information from the spiritual world. I learnt early on to question many of them, because in my opinion the spiritual world is incomprehensible and multi-layered. Knowing that Lucifer prefers to present himself in radiant light, as Rudolf Steiner once said, makes me fundamentally sceptical.

But when I read the introduction to Paul Selig's book, I was convinced. Paul had previously worked as a medium with beings from the spiritual world who called themselves "guides".

Read the entire introduction for yourself:

During one of my weekly channeled groups my guides mentioned to one of the participants that I wouldn’t really begin to believe the work that had been coming through me until I saw it written down. There was truth to that. When I “hear” as a channel, I generally hear in phrases with no idea where the larger thought will go, and I retain very little of the information afterward. I have described it in the past as being like reading fortune cookies, one after the other, with little sense of their connection. The following week, I transcribed the recording of the channeling after my group had left, and was quite surprised that what had been delivered was a five-page lecture that required no editing. The information was coherent and wise, and the call seemed to be urgent: We were and had been anchoring in an energy that my guides called the Word. The Word, as a frequency, is something that I have been working with, on and off, for fifteen years. When I first opened up as a clairaudient, I began to hear an insistent voice saying, “Jerusalem Bible,” and, eventually, I walked into a bookstore and asked if there was such a thing. It was handed to me by the bookseller and I took it home. I asked what was next, and was told to read John aloud and I did so, over the course of two nights. “In the beginning was the Word . . .” I began transcribing the recordings of the weekly channelings in January 2009. A month later, I found myself unexpectedly released from a theater project I had been working on. Victoria Nelson, a colleague of mine, phoned me to tell me she had been reading the channeled postings on my blog and wondered if I might now be ready to write my own story, a memoir about how I evolved as a clairaudient. I was about to respond when my guides intruded into the conversation, saying that they had a book to write, a manifesto that would be completed in two weeks if we followed their instructions. They asked us to reconvene by telephone at an agreed-upon time two days later and they would begin. I had no expectations, when we began these sessions, of what would transpire. In fact, every day I would sit with my dog beside me, a speakerphone in my lap and a CD recorder on the arm of the chair, and wonder if anything would happen at all. But my role as a channel has always been to show up and allow the information to unfold, and that is exactly what happened, chapter after chapter, day after day, until the text was complete. In their epilogue to this book, the guides asked me to write a brief introduction to explain how I hear. When I channel, I feel the impression of the words form in my head, and it blocks out all other thoughts. As the words come, my lips move to form them, and I whisper them to myself and then repeat them aloud. Then the next thought, a sentence, or the fragment of a sentence, will be delivered and I will repeat that as well. Sometimes the information comes through at a lightning pace, other times more slowly, but the experience of it is generally the same: I feel a gentle pressure at my forehead, I am filled with words, and as I speak my body will often respond with accompanying gestures. I am a conscious channel. I am aware of all that is happening but am somewhat receded. I take a step back and allow the information to come forward. I am often questioning the information that I receive as it comes, because I am very much a student of this work, and not the teacher. What may be most significant about the work that I do is that when I channel, the energy that comes with it is tangible and can be physically experienced, not only by me, but by those I work with. My guides have promised that this will be the experience for those reading this book as well.


August 2, 2009

Selig, Paul. I Am the Word: A Guide to the Consciousness of Man's Self in a Transitioning Time (Mastery Trilogy/Paul Selig Series) (English Edition) . Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle-Version.

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